Recommendations on Implications of Medical Low Dose Radiation Exposure

MEDIRAD was designed to have direct implications for the radiological safety of European patients undergoing medical imaging and therapy procedures involving ionising radiation, and of exposed medical professionals. For this purpose, MEDIRAD established evidence-based consensus policy recommendations for enhancing the effective protection of patients and medical professionals, as well as for identifying further research priorities.

About Medirad

The MEDIRAD Project is +4-year project aimed at enhancing the scientific bases and clinical practice of radiation protection in the medical field. The European Commission recently agreed to a cost-neutral 9-month extension of the project and it will now conclude in February 2022. More details are available here.

Work packages

The MEDIRAD Project consists of six interdependent work packages, each of which contains tasks and deliverables vital to the project's success.


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'For a better understanding of low dose radiation risks'

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Elisabeth Cardis

Scientific Coordinator, ISGlobal

Guy Frija

Clinical Coordinator, Université Paris Descartes

Monika Hierath

Project Coordinator, EIBIR

Andreea Bucur

Project Manager, EIBIR

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Our multidisciplinary consortium combines the expertise of 34 partners from 14 European countries. It includes major universities and research institutes as well as clinical partners. 

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