MEDIRAD at EUCLID workshop

At the most recent European Study on Clinical DRLs (EUCLID) Workshop held from 9-10 December 2019, in Luxembourg, Klaus Bacher, President of EURAMED ( and MEDIRAD Task 2.3 leader (UGent, BE) presented preliminary results regarding the establishment of European DRLs for specific applications of CT in multi-modality systems. 

Deliverable 2.8 – Report on the current use of multi-modality systems in nuclear medicine – was just recently submitted to the EC and is availabe on the MEDIRAD website here. This deliverable presents the current status of CT instrumentation and the clinical use of CT in diagnostic nuclear medicine, through a combination of literature review and online surveys. 

In addition, a study on the availability of DRLs for these CT examinations was carried out where the main aim was to set up a database to establish European CT DRLs for nuclear medicine applications. CT dose dataset collection is still ongoing and will end December 2019. Currently, data from 45 departments of nuclear medicine from 15 European countries have been received and the data will be analysed for Deliverable 2.10 – European DRLs for specific applications of CT in multi-modality systems – which is due at the end of February 2020.

Posted on 12/12/2019