Seminar 1 on Recommendations 3 & 4

The MEDIRAD Seminar 1 was successfully held online on 8th November 2021

The scientific results of the project have been translated into 4 policy recommendations for the effective protection of patients, medical workers and the general public. 

The Recommendations target the decision-makers and practitioners, and have been formulated after a series of consultations with the Stakeholders Board and the Stakeholders Forum.

During Seminar 1, Recommendations 3 and 4 were presented to and discuss with a wide range of stakeholders; the inputs received during this event will be considered in the final version of the Recommendations. 

RECO 3: Further optimisation of radiation protection for patients and medical workers

  • Setting up optimized systems for quantitative imaging of [131I]NaI
  • Bridge medical communities
  • Optimisation of radiation protection of medical workers

RECO 4: "Development of recommendations on future medical radiation protection research towards research communities
  • Healthy tissue response, sensitivity and adverse effect
  • Innovation in AI to support development of personalized diagnostic and therapeutic protocols
  • Modelling of radiation induced disease processes
  • EU-wide epidemiological studies to enhance quality and safety of medical radiation applications
Posted on 15/11/2021