Our partners in Switzerland

Université de Genève (UNIGE)

The Institute of Translational Molecular Imaging (ITMI) is a private funded foundation under the governance of the University of Geneva and the technical university of Lausanne (EPFL). Its mission is to provide the infrastructure and technical platform for translational research in medical imaging and to support multimodality imaging in animals for clinical research. ITMI has a long track record in developing medical imaging data analysis tools as well as image management platform. One of the most popular platform developed is the OsiriX software, an Open Source image analysis and visualization tool allowing radiologists and researchers around the world to access and process imaging data from all imaging modalities. This software, available for free, has also been expanded to commercial FDA approved version and both versions and is now being used in over 100’000 sites in the world. The development of Open Source software for medical imaging is also supported by our non-profit OsiriX foundation.

For more information go to www.unige.ch.