Our partners in Sweden

Vastra Gotalands Lans Landsting (VGR)

Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SU) provides emergency and basic care for the Goteborg region. SU was founded in 1997 when three hospitals merged; Mölndal Hospital, Sahlgrenska Hospital and Östra Hospital. Since 1999 Sahlgrenska University Hospital is a part of Västra Götaland Region. The VGR research group consists of medical imaging scientists and experienced thoracic radiologists and has during the latest 20 years conducted imaging research focused on image quality evaluation and optimization of thoracic radiology. In this field, VGR has participated in several large research projects, e.g. in EC-funded projects in the fourth and fifth framework programmes. Over the years, the research group has developed scientific methods for image quality evaluation (visual grading characteristics analysis) software for conducting and analyzing image quality studies (ViewDEX and VGC Analyzer), and has been responsible for several large international image quality trials.